July 16, 2012

"Weekend" Update

My second to last weekend in Portland, OR. It is crazy how quickly the time has flown by, and I have less than 2 weeks before the big caravan push to Fullerton.

Instead of giving you a typical weekend update, I thought I'd give a photographic condensed montage of my life during the past month while away from the blog world.

Went to Multnomah Falls with visiting Texas and Georgia relatives. Saw beautiful wild flowers...

... and horsetail falls.
Went strawberry picking with good friends on Sauvies Island...

... and there were great pickins'! Made strawberry lemonade, short cake, and yummy waffle toppings from these Oregon berries. If anyone says they've had the best strawberry and it isn't from Oregon, you've just encountered a liar. Nothing beats Oregon berries! 

Finally visited the historic Astoria, OR where The Goonies was filmed... didn't take a picture of the house, but we found it! Stopped at the Fort Stevens shipwreck site.... isn't Meaghan cute?! She tried climbing everything. Can't take that kid anywhere.

Of course we had to check out the Astoria Column. From below...
 .... and 164 steps later.
 Pretty nice view from the top!

Went on the lovely Eagle Creek Trail for old times' sake. Got to spend quality time with my best red head, Ruth, and even got to go on the hike with an adorable German Shepard!

Good times even in the midst of a housing crisis. When you're picking up the pieces of a messed up rental agreement, the little escapes are that much more appreciated. Thankfully, this powerkat has resolved everything and does have a place to move in to at the end of month without going over budget!

Until Next Time,


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