July 26, 2012

Salt n' Straw

I love ice cream. period. Stress eating is not my thing, but ice cream always is a great pick-me-up when I am down, struggling, or trying to make the day end on a positive note.

As I've alluded to, these past few weeks have been a struggle with my housing situation in Fullerton. To not go into too many details, my original roommate got a late acceptance to a wait listed school closer to her home and family right as we were about to sign a lease on an apartment. She went with the best decision for herself and decided to attend the other school. I completely understood her predicament as I struggled with my decision to leave my family and home state. However, her decision did put me in a bind with trying to find another roommate or living situation. School is only a month away! Thankfully, after two stressful weeks and contemplating sleeping in a living room or spending over $1300/month for a studio, I have found a cute rental house shared with two SCCO students at a reasonable price!

With this frustrating situation I didn't have enough strength for much else besides crying, obsessively calling anyone I knew who could help me, and attempting to think positive. Oh, and dreaming about ice cream.
Salt n' Straw came to my rescue! It is the hot trend in Portland right now with it's sustainable attitude, local ingredients and unique ice cream flavors such as pear with goat cheese. It is so popular there is a constant line out the door with a 30 minute wait time! I met up with one of my friends the other night to indulge in a sweet treat, catch up, and experience what everyone has been raving about for the past 6 months.

We were not disappointed! We arrived at 4pm and got served around 4:30. They have a great system where as one group is being helped, the next group starts to taste. And you can have as many taste samples as you want! Best part? They provide real spoons for the tasting, so it is 100% sustainable! I don't know how many tiny spoons Salt n' Straw had to purchase, but they are going to a good cause. Feeding my tummy. Anyways, after trying all their selections I went with the combo of Almond Brittle and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. AMAZING. If I had wanted to go with both flavors but not indulge with two scoops, you have the option of getting a half scoop of each flavor. Pretty nice Salt n' Straw, pretty nice.

Mission was accomplished. Sweet pick-me-up in local, sustainable fashion. If only it had been a bit healthier. Eh, who cares? If you're in the Portland area, have 45 minutes to spare, and love ice cream, check this place out!

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