August 8, 2012

Southern California College of Optometry Interview

 I'm here in Fullerton and have come full circle since last October! School starts in less than 2 weeks. Explore, explore, explore are the things on my to do list. Oh, and also giving details on my last interview!

I haven't mentioned this, but my 4 interviews occurred within 1 month's time during October of 2011. It was a crazy month, so when SCCO came up I was happy it was coming to an end. The interview process is one of the best parts of applying to schools since your goal is so tangible, but it is very draining at the same time. Being your happiest, most engaging self is more challenging if you have an introvert personality like myself.

Anyways, SCCO was my last optometry interview. It was during the middle of the week and not one of their bigger Saturday/weekend interviews. This meant I was alone again. Not a terrible thing since I had already experienced this, but it probably would have been more fun with other applicants.

Here is the break down of my Interview Day at SCCO

9:20am - check in at the administration office
9:30am - given 30 minute written prompt
10am - financial aid meeting
10:30am - official interview with 2 current faculty members
11:20am - file review interview with Director of Student Affairs 
12pm - campus tour including lab rooms, Eye Clinic, lecture halls, library, and student center
12:30pm - said goodbyes and thank yous before heading off to the airport for my flight back home.

This was my shortest interview day which was nice in some ways. By this point I was confident with my interview skills, but also drained from the whole experience. The schedule above is slower than the actual pace of my actual interview day since I was the only one, and I didn't take the full 30 minutes to give my written response.

For my review, I would say SCCO was very welcoming and inviting the entire time I was there. The main assistant in the office, Betty Sanchez, was extremely good at keeping me calm by simply smiling and engaging me in small talk. If you're at all aware of SCCO, you're aware of Dr. Munroe. She is as sweet and helpful as she appears online! Yup, got to meet her and have a good chat... I think before my actual interview? Anyways, everyone was nice and low key - not what I was expecting since it is Southern California!

I did wish, in a strange twisted way, for the day to be slightly longer. The campus tour seemed a bit quick, but since I got almost all of my questions answered it worked out. Also, I love food. There wasn't any provided for me, but I wasn't torn up about this since, again, I was the only applicant that day and it was a half day interview.

So, overall, it was a good final interview! I think my favorite part was the official interview and viewing the student library. SCCO was awesome at providing tips and even a mock interview on youtube that I was able to review before attending! Likewise, the library faces a beautiful green belt and seemed so inviting. I actually had about an hour to spare before I was to be picked up by the airport taxi, so I just chilled in the library to wait!

Now, this is the end of my interview series, but I can add one final installment. The decision process. Unless you have a top choice from the get-go, this is the ultimate step (especially when you consider the schools typically only give up to 2 weeks before you have to accept or reject their offer).

However, before I add that post I'm going out to explore Fullerton! It is suppose to be 91 today!

Until Next Time,


August 2, 2012

In Transit

The end has arrived folks. My state of mind is leaving Oregon and moving to California! Goodbye cloudy weather, hello sun.

This last summer has been a blast with friends, family, and random adventures around Portland. I wouldn't change a thing and couldn't ask for a better farewell.

Onward to Fullerton for a short two weeks of SoCal freedom before the official beginning of my next chapter: Optometry School!

As the days and weeks move forward I hope to continue my threads of pre-optometry advice as well as transition into what my days as an optometry student are like. Maybe throw in a few grad student friendly meals along the way?